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Exceptional Safari Naturalist, Mountain Guides & Tour Managers

Croy African Adventure “Croy family” is a knowledgeable, hard-working and passionate team work guides.

Our Safari and Mountain guides are all local Tanzanians, fluent in English and have over 15 years of experience in wildlife and mountain guiding. We treat each other like family that’s why it’s called “Croy family”.

Unless you specifically request mountain/safari guides of any given nationality, Croy African Adventure supply Tanzanian native guides, often Chagga people, hardworking, enterprising and resourceful Bantu farmers, familiar with Mount Kilimanjaro and its surrounding area from their childhood.

Our most safaris and mountain hiking are successful due to the best team that ensures for personalized services and unique feeling to every individual who travel with us.

Safari and Mountain Guides:
With an added advantage of be native safari/mountain guides, Arnold Wilbard – Croy African Adventure’s co-founder, with +15 years mountain & safari guiding experienced who knows better the best guides and services.

Arnold has been able to develop a teamwork of best native guides for Safari and Mountain. He is a mountain guide and his fellow had summited Mt. Kilimanjaro hundreds of time was born and raised in Kilimanjaro region,  KILIMANJARO is our home, we know it better.

Indigenous guides live and work in the area all year round, not just visiting occasionally for specific group treks. Therefore, they are intimately aware of the mountain in all its moods and familiar with local conditions as they develop.

They are also more knowledgeable about flora and fauna in varied zones to geology and local history, having taken every opportunity to educate themselves on the subjects of importance in their work: subjects they have mastered not only by study, but by close personal acquaintance over a lifetime and passed on from generation to generation.

Local guides are used to climbing the mountain on a twice-monthly basis, negotiating its trails with diverse groups of visitors, whereas visiting guides only climb a limited number of times a year – around 2-3 times on average.

We deserve to organize your safari adventure and mountain hiking as we are native so familiar  with what surrounding us. We did/do spend most of time on Safari and Mountain.

Decide today to turn your dream into reality by book with most experienced team – Croy African Adventure.
Go with us on Safari/Mount Kilimanjaro, Value your Money today – “Five star service doesn’t mean five star prices”