Our All Weather Exceptional Fleet

Safari in African savannah and jungles can some time be very rough, especially on rain seasons, where everything floods. Not only rain is an issue, even during dry season, dust become real dusty.

However, our fleet has been well prepared specifically for such moments, 4×4 rough road equipped Land Cruiser which will cut any rough terrain during the rain season and also dust proof during dry season, just to make your vocational as comfortable as possible.

“where others turns around, Croy takes you forward”

Our fleet also equipped with refrigerated refreshment, such as water, juices & soda, that will never run out through our safari.

Safari Guide

No Matter which language you speak, always we give you tour guide who speak your language, this is to give you best interpretation ever.

4x4 Drive

Nothing should stop us from reaching our destination, our powerful 4x4 drive fleet makes sure this is reality.


Nothing should interrupt your vocation, not even thirst, our fleets are equipped with refrigerated refreshments as to keep you active each second of your safari.

Wi-Fi On board

Access Internet wherever we go, doesn't matter how deep we go in jungle, always you will be able to communicate with the world, telling them how wonderful your safari is.