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Kilimanjaro Costs

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Kilimanjaro Costs – “Always cheap is expensive” especial on Kilimanjaro trekking, too much cheap on Kili trekking may lead you to fail to conquer your dream. So before you start chasing for the cheapest deal to climb Kilimanjaro, you better know that there are few reliable and licensed tour operators offering Kilimanjaro treks. If you shop on line there are many who say that they can take you up the mountain. The truth is: The number of reliable operators going to Kilimanjaro is limited.

Price should be a second one, so don’t just choose your tour operator by the price alone. We know what you’re looking for is quality service for a reasonable rate!

Budgeting for Kilimanjaro will require you to know the costs of your trip. Otherwise it will be hard for you to distinguish horribly overpriced and unrealistic deals for your trek.

Do you want to come to Tanzania and conquer the “Rooftop of Africa”? Croy African Adventure is your right choice – best quality for reliable price. May be you have the price of your dream, but this question will always click in your brain; How much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro. So, what does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro?

It costs about between $690 and $1100 USD for the entry fees depending on the route you take and this does not apply to whether the group is big or not. You will need to add cost for transfers, hotels, food, crew salaries, tents and your company commission. So in fact the Kilimanjaro climbing cost about $1350 on Marangu 5 days and $1800 on Lemosho 8 Days. The price maybe a bit cheaper or higher depending on your group size and other specifications such as flight to be included in your tour, more overnights before or after climbing etc. Naturally, if you want to pay more your tent will be higher quality, the food a bit nicer but it’s all unnecessary to be honest, the $1400 will get you to the top just fine.